Educational process at the Department.
The subject of Endocrinology is taught to students of medical, medical-pedagogical and medical-biological faculties. The cycle for students of medical and medical-pedagogical faculties lasts 18 days, for students of the faculty of medicine and biology 9 days.
Teaching is conducted on the basis of 1 TMA clinic in the Department of endohematology. Responsible for the subject is a Professor of the Department of MD Shagazatova B. Kh. 11 teachers teach undergraduate courses.
The learning process starts at 8: 30. Each lesson is conducted strictly according to the timing. The theoretical part of practical classes is held in the classrooms, which are located in the training compartment of the 12th building on the 6th floor and in the Department of Endohematology. Lectures are given in lecture hall 13.
At the Department, various types of pedagogical technologies are widely used, which help students to fully master the educational material. A daily review of thematic patients is conducted. Patients are assigned to each student for curation during the cycle. Students independently collect patient complaints, anamnesis of life and disease, conduct daily monitoring of the condition and at the end of the cycle, each student conducts an audit, that is, reports to their supervised patient with a justification for the clinical diagnosis, examination and treatment plan.
Students take an active part in the planned rounds of Professor B. Shagazatova and associate professors D. M. Artikova, P. H. Azizova and senior teacher M. Z. Mukhtorova.
During the cycle, students perform an independent presentation of topics on self-study.
For the entire period, students take 1 intermediate survey, which is conducted in writing and consists of 2 questions – a theoretical question and a practical skill. Other teachers take the interim survey. The final survey consists of two stages. The first stage is given at the Department in the form of OSCE, the second stage is in the test center.
The distribution of points is presented in the “rating of nizomi” and in the regulations on conducting PC and IC.
Currently, in the event of a pandemic, students are taught in the MOODLE system. This platform provides all the training material in 2 languages. Students are presented with literature, practical skills, videos on the topic, presentations of lectures, audio lectures, situational tasks and test questions. The intermediate and final survey is presented in the form of tests.