This international Oylumia began at 12.00 Tashkent time. The Olympics were opened by the rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy AK Nashadmanov. After that, the Stavropol Medical Institute, the Tashkent Institute of Pediatric Institute of Pediatries and the Medical Institute of Japan, also spelled their congratulatory words.
At 12.30 No. 12.30 No. 12.30. International Online Olympic Olympic AM international online. Olympiad on Therapy Direction No. 2, Professor Xamraev A.A. And the procedure and stages of the Olympics were revealed. Congratulations to all participants and wished good luck. Members and participating students participating in the Olympics Associate Professor Salaeva M.S. introduced.
Gulfi members:
Khamraev Abror Asrarovich – Phta, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 2, head of the Department of Internalities, Ph.D., Professor.
Rustamova City Tulabaevna – TTA, TTA, medical faculty professor of internal diseases No. 2, t.f.d.
Kupaev Vitaly Ivanovich – K.M.N associate professor Roons Normalnoy and Patolocheskoy physiologist.
Saloxiddinov Zuhriddin Saloxiddinovich – Head of the Department of General Practitioners 1 of Andijan State Medical Institute, T.F.D., Professor
The Olympics was organized in ZOOM, and the Olympics were held in 4 stages. A total of 17 students participated. Of these, Russia – 4 – 4 from Kazakhstan – 3, from the Autonomousy of Bukhara – from the Autonomousy of Bukhara – from the Autonomousy of Bukhorum, from Samarkand, Samarkand, from Samarkand.
1 Etap – consists of 20 answers, given 20 minutes to solve the test. 2 Etap -1 consists of 20 tests with answered diagnosis and was given 20 minutes. 3 Etap – consists of a situation of issue for 30 minutes. The 4th Etap consisted of practical skills, which was given 15 minutes.
At the 1st floor of the students, all students attended and allowed to participate in future stewards by the students of 71 points. 5 students who received high points in the 4th floor attended. and with the following points

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