Senior teacher of the chair, Ph.D.

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1981-1987 – student of the Tashkent Medical Institute

1982-1987 – internship in 1st  city clinical hospital

Work experience:

1988-1991 – doctor in 1st  clinic of Tashkent Medical Institute

1991-1995 – Junior Researcher at the Central Scientific Research Laboratory of the Tashkent Medical Institute

1995-1998 – Assistant of the department of internal diseases in the Tashkent Medical Institute

1998-2004 – Assistant of the Department of Endocrinology 2- Tashkent State Medical Institute

2004-2007 – doctoral candidate of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Tashkent Medical Institute

2004-2007 – Senior teacher, Department of Endocrinology, Tashkent Medical Academy

2007 – 2016 – Senior teacher of the Department of Internal Medicine for training the General Practitioner with Endocrinology of the Tashkent Medical Academy

2016 –   senior teacher of the department of internal diseases in the № 2 Tashkent Medical Academy

Scientific activity:

1999 Defended of the thesis on the topic: Detoxification of the liver in pancreatitis

The main practical direction

  • Treatment of all kinds of endocrine pathologies

The main scientific direction

“Diabetic Foot”

Awards –

Published scientific works for the last 5 years

Articles and Abstracts

1) Development of the syndrome “Diabetic foot” in men

ISS No. 2181-5674 No. 4.1 (92) 2016, pages 68-69

2) The role of adequate therapy for diabetes mellitus in reducing the risk of developing the “Diabetic foot” syndrome №1-2 / 2016 (39-40)

3) Prediction factors of blood vessels defeat in “diabetic foot” syndrome p.7-8

4) Diabetes mellitus and lower urinary tract symptoms. Tactics of  Endocrinologist.

Teaching aids

1) Hypoteriology of syndromes of clinics

2) Typological properties of the central nervous system as the basis of individual development in the clinical course of diseases UDC 616.831-06.036.1-07