Assistant of the Department of internal diseases 2

Tel: +998903358821


– 2006-2013-student of the Tashkent medical Academy

– 2013-2016-master’s degree in endocrinology at TMA.


2016-2019-endocrinologist in the city Emergency hospital of Uchtepa district.
2019-assistant of the Department of Internal diseases no.2 TMA

Main areas of practical activity
Improving the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases.

Main directions of scientific activity

Development of modern diagnostics and treatment of complications of type 2 diabetes.

Main scientific works for the last 5 years

Kenzhayeva Yu. R., Nazhmutdinova D. K.-Clinical aspects of diabetic encephalopathy-Therapeutic Bulletin of Uzbekistan 2014. – no. 4. P. 217
Kenzhayeva Yu. R., Nazhmutdinova D. K.-Kandli diabetes type 2 bemorlardakognitivbuzilishlarninguzigahoskhususiyatlari-Therapeutic Bulletin of Uzbekistan 2015. – no. 4. Pp. 128-135