History of the Department

Department of Internal Medicine number 2 for the preparation of GPs organized in 1996 on the basis of the 2nd Clinic Tashkent State Medical Institute .
The first head of the Department of Therapy number 2 is Professor M.T.Rustamova . Worked at the Department MD Azizov KN ( since 2001 ) , associate Mavlanov F.M ( since 1996 ) , Saidov M.T ( since 1996 ) , D.A Tuhtamuradova ( since 1996 ) , S.I Sadykova ( 2000 g).
Senior teachers : Semenikhina A.D ( since 1996 ) , Ph.D. Mirahmedova H.T ( since 2003 ) .
Assistants: Habirova NG ( since 2001 ) , Urazalieva MW (2003), MH Tagaeva ( 2004 ) , Haytimbetov ZH.SH. ( 2004 ) , N.N Aripova ( 2004 ) , Eshniyazova U.N. ( 2004 ) , Y.A Abdieva ( 2005 ) , Ibragimov N.N ( 2005 ) , N.K Namazova (since 2006) . At the department in different years : MD Daminov Sh.N. , Associate Professor R. Azimov , assistants MC Mahkamov AK, AA Murtazin , Babakhanova MH, Gazieva NU, Azizov PH Yusupov and OP, Malikov GR
2005, the rate has joined our department as part of Endocrinology Professor MD Salakhova N.S, Associate Professor G. Mamedov , senior lecturer MC Mukhtarova M.Z, MC assistants Azizova P.H , Kadirova F. Maksudova N. Sh Makhmudova
For 10 years our department led by Professor Rustamova M.T expanding of the department and its clinical base, improved equipment department with modern technical means to carry out research work .
First years of the creation of the department scientific direction of the department were pulmonology – cardiology . In this area carried out scientific work on ” The clinical course and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with cardio – vascular diseases in the elderly .”
Led by Professor Rustamova M.T doctoral work was carried Asimov R.A, M.T Turymbetova graduate student , graduate student Daminov R.M , Postgraduate Mirahmedova H.T. Reserved candidate dissertation Turymbetovoy MT on ” Clinical – functional features of chronic obstructive bronchitis in the elderly in the region of the Southern Aral Sea ” , a graduate student Daminova R.M on ” Trunks in the complex treatment of patients with chronic coronary artery disease and HD with anxiety syndrome ” , a graduate student Mirahmedovoy H.T on ” Reactive arthritis , clinical features , course, treatment , prognosis , depending on the haptoglobin phenotypes and blood .”
Submitted by grandee SCST carried NCI employees of the department on ” Development of modern methods of rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease are not subject to surgical treatment of endovascular intervention and underwent surgery on the coronary vessels with regard to age .” State order SCST was performed in a timely manner for two years.
Since 2000, the scientific direction of the department is pulmonology – gastroenterology . To solve the problem of scientific institute ” Finding new ways to improve the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. Rational ways of preventing ” the department staff work is done on the instructions of ” Exploring the clinical course of ulcerative lesions of gastro – intestinal tract, in the elderly , ” UDC code 616.33/34 – 053 .9 .
For 10 years the department staff have been put into practice new methods of investigation and treatment , such as daily monitoring of blood pressure, blood properties rheological definition , fibrobronchoscopy  study , gastrointestinal endoscopy with the definition of Helicobacter pylori (HP) urease methods , determination of gallbladder motor function in Ultrasonic study , immunological studies, conducting weight correction , psychological tests , developed a questionnaire for the study questionnaire teenagers ternary and quaternary treatment of peptic ulcer.
It is known that overweight – one of the most common risk factors , the prevalence of which in economically developed countries steadily increasing. By the latest estimates, more than 1 billion people worldwide are overweight (BMI) , of whom 250 million identify obesity . Therefore, the Department is currently undergoing a series of studies about the weight correction, which have been approved at a meeting of the Academic Council : Since the applicant Habirova N.G defended her candidate thesis was ” The clinical course and efficacy of treatment of chronic pancreatitis in patients with overweight .”
At the department successfully completed and obtained a candidate thesis graduate student Salieva N.A on the theme: ” The clinical course and efficacy of adjuvant therapy ankylosing spondylitis complicated gastroduodenal pathology ” and Salimova N.D on ” Clinical features of erosive and ulcerative lesions of gastroduodenal zone in adolescents ‘ ..
At the department headed by Professor M.T.Rustamovoy attaches great importance to the training of the teaching staff . Under her leadership, trained medical residents Khodjaeva W. Kim , A., S. Muminova Yusupov O. Mahkamov A. Mirzaeva D., A. Beknazarov , Fissenko T., M. Musakov successfully completed a clinical internship .
From 2001 – 2005 the department was organized Masters majoring in gastroenterology from 2008 to currently enrolled masters in family medicine.
Employees of the department have been published more than 500 scientific articles and abstracts of which 10 abroad and more than 20 in the neighboring countries . Issued standards of treatment of gastroenterological patients and a few guidelines.
Since 2003 , the Department regularly conducts research and practical conference on gastroenterology for practitioners , researchers with the publication of a collection of scientific abstracts and articles .
In 2012 he was appointed head of the department MD Khamraev A.A From this year were hired as assistant chair of young professionals who have completed master’s degree in family medicine.